Painless oral hygiene with the new needleless anesthetic

The right oral hygiene is essential to have healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, oral health influences our psychophysical well-being and our relationships.

Bacterial plaque is often the main cause of periodontal disease. Each person is different: perfect teeth or not well allocated ones, fillings, fixed or removable prosthesis, prosthesis over implants, etc… That is why custom made information is needed to keep a correct oral hygiene.

With oral hygiene sessions bacterial plaque is reduced and it will prevent the formation of new one. We do topical application of fluoride, remineralizing agents. We also give you nutritional counselling that will help you maintain a good oral health. Every procedure is done having the utmost regard for the patient’s well-being by using innovative pain control systems.

We provide our patients with a personalized control and prevention program and according to the patient’s needs we stay in contact to prevent future dental care needs.

Professional Dental hygiene treatments at Dr. Filippo Stefani Dental Clinic in Venice are:

Training on a right oral hygiene

Removal of plaque and tartar
Subgingival tartar ablation, root planning
Teeth cleaning to remove stains caused by coffee, red wine, cigarettes, etc…
Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide

Today is possible to do the periodical control to remove plaque and tartar without pain. By using a gel anesthetic that is not injected but topic, there is neither the pain nor the annoying feeling of numbness typical of the traditional anesthesia.

This procedure is widely used in the United States and is now possible also in Italy. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.