The orthodontist specialised on children’s dental diseases works with a different perspective compared to the one used with adults, using a suitable psychological approach, more attentions and wariness in attitude and procedures.

The environment in which children are treated should be funny as to make them feel comfortable while treated. Young patients are also educated on oral hygiene and a correct diet from an early age.

Children’s orthodontics teaches that is never too early to start taking care of our teeth, so the first dental visit is recommended around 4-6 years of age, even before, without any risk.

Also known as pedodontic, this branch of medicine that treats children dental diseases is characterized of:

  • cavity prevention
  • fluoride prophilaxy
  • second teeth sealant
  • treatment of cavity on first teeth
  • treatment of abscess
  • interception of malocclusion

At Dr. Filippo Stefani dental clinic the children’s orthodontist is Dr. Giulia Carli, specialised on children’s care.

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Prevention of cavity and other dental diseases thanks to a correct dental hygiene is important not only for adults but also for children.

Fragility of first teeth and cavity caused by baby bottle
First teeth usually appear around 6 and 8 months old. Their cure and constant hygiene is fundamental to prevent the formation of cavities.

The relevance of oral hygiene on children to prevent dental diseases
A good prevention, as for the adults, starts with an healthy diet with low quantity of food with high level of sugar and with the correct dental cleaning. That is why drinks with high level of sugar should not be given with the baby bottle.

Children teeth cleaning until 12 month old
Under one year of age, for the cleaning of the teeth a dressing wet with water or a cotton swab are enough, as to lightly rub the dental surfaces on the forming arch. Other good habits are recommended at this age, such as not immerse the pacifier in honey or sugar. Letting the child fall asleep with a pacifier sugar-coated make it easier for cavity to form on the upper front teeth and molar. It is a complicated disease to cure because of the young age.

Use of the toothbrush starting from 2-3 years of age
It is recommended starting using the toothbrush for children from 2-3 years of age, the toothbrush should have soft and flexible bristles. Oral hygiene should be on a daily basis, at least twice a day: neglecting it even for a few days facilitates bacterial proliferation and plaque increase, main responsible for cavity formation and gingivitis. Teeth cleaning must be done with the right movement, brushing vertically from the gum to the tooth. At this age toothpaste should not be used, since children at this age can not completely control the swallowing and this could cause the ingestion of big quantity of toothpaste. It is important that teeth cleaning became a funny time and to let children do it by themselves, then help them and check that all the teeth have been brushed.

Oral hygiene after three years of age
It is time for the child to learn how to clean the teeth by himself, at this age usage of toothpaste is recommended, of which fluorine content must not exceed 500 parts per million. It is also recommended the use of the “funny” electrical toothbrush.