Anyone who contacts Dr. Filippo Stefani dental clinic will find a team of experts that works to provide conditions of complete safety.

With a double sterilisation cycle, made using two different autoclaves, a high level of sterilisation is guaranteed on all instruments. These are then sealed and marked with the sterilization date and are periodically checked. All the instruments not used for a specific period of time, are sterilised again.

Sterilisation Process:

► Decontamination: right after been used, instruments are immersed in disinfectant, germicidal and sporicidal liquids effective against hepatitis and HIV virus.
► Cleansing: instruments are immerse in ultrasound basins, where they are perfectly cleaned of any scaling.
► Rinsing and drying 
► Packaging: instruments are put into special bags that change color after undergoing the sterilisation process in autoclaves to confirm the process has taken place. Bags are open only when needed for the execution of the treatments on the patient.
► Sterilisation in autoclaves: instruments are sterilised at 135° under vacuum for about 20 minutes. Our sterilisation cycle guarantees homogeneous pressure and temperature conditions.