To have a bright smile and a natural white color of your teeth, today you can have a professional teeth whitening treatment at the clinic or at your home.

Teeth whitening means bring back the original white color of the teeth, sometimes ever whiter according to your needs, removing stains and defects of the enamel. Dr. Filippo Stefani, medical surgeon and dentist in Venice, advice his patients on the best intensity level of the procedure. This procedure:

  • guarantees immediate results
  • does not ruin the teeth enamel
  • allows different and personalized procedures

Teeth whitening is not only an aesthetic matter, but also a psychological one. White, clean and healthy teeth qualify a positive, happy and tidy person, someone who takes care of himself. A beautiful smile helps increasing self-confidence in the relationships, self-esteem and the will to look nice.


Home whitening

After taking dental moulds of the two arches, an acetal splint is made that reproduce the exact shape of the teeth. At the next appointment a whitening gel and the splints with all the instruction are given to the patient. The patient applies the gel on the splints and wears them over the teeth during the night. The treatment prescribes 10 applications which do not have to be consecutive.

Whitening at the clinic

A hydrogen peroxide gel solution is applied to the teeth, which is activated by a LED light. The treatment lasts about one hour.

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